Konstscenen i Nigeria


Välkommen på en föreläsning om konstscenen i Nigeria.
Konstfrämjandet Värmland bjuder in, Nduwhite N. Ahannonu att föreläsa om Konstscenen i Nigeria.
Nduwhite N. Ahnnonu är en av fyra konstnärer som deltar i ett Artist in recidence i Karlstad, arrangerat av Vidgis Holen Studio

Måndagen 13 juni kl 18.00 KOLONIN i Arvika
Onsdagen 15 juni kl 18.00 Värmlands Museum

Föreläsning sker på engelska.

Välkommen, Welcome.

Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu hails from Oguta in Imo state, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Fine and Applied Art, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2000, and an Alumnus of U.S. Department of States 2011(IVLP). He represented Nigeria in Dak’Art Biennale, Dakar, Senegal 2010, and attended the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin, in 2008 under the sponsorship of the Ford foundation West Africa. An Art enthusiast and a poet, who also performs some of his works, his latest project “Bus Stop” was in April at the RAVY 2010 Festival, Cameroun. He has participated in many local and international workshops and exhibitions and has four solo exhibitions to his credit.

Nduwhite is the founder, International Institute for Creative Development Abuja, a founding member of the Mundus Maris International Initiative, Belgium, Nigerian Cultural Ambassador to Berlin, Germany and Israel, as a cultural diplomat, he initiated the project “Re-imagine Nigeria” a project that seeks to use art as a tool for cultural diplomacy, selected for the 2nd European Atelier festival managers 2009, Varna, Bulgaria and Midbar International Artists Residency Israel 2006.

Nduwhite started developing some series of site installations from a body of work in January 2008 titled “AHAMEFULA”. His first site installation “In the beginning of time” was about our time and generation, it was about movements, revolutions, evolutions, emancipation, human development and discovery, clash of civilizations, cultural conflicts, moral and ethical bias, spirituality and the society, apocalyptic nightmares and the hopes for a new enlightenments.

Ahamefula for him is his expressive odyssey…a constant thrill and on-going search for meaning.

Konstfrämjandet Värmland, Folkuniversitet, Arvika Kommun.